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One thing I can attest to is how much money you make isn’t as important as how you manage it.  I offer a hands-on, real-life, upbeat approach to a subject that has so many paralyzed.  




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Did you know that nearly eighty percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck?  Financial stress greatly impacts a person’s confidence, relationships, health and emotional well-being.  With stagnant wages and increased cost of living, having solid money management skills is more important than ever. My name is Lana Williams.  I have worked in the Financial Industry for over 25 years. The number one thing I hear consistently is:  “No one ever taught me how to manage money”.  It is my passion to help with that. My services are designed to assist those who want to build a solid foundation for themselves; need help navigating through the many financial products and services offered and move closer to affording the life that they want.


Having a personal coach when working towards a goal can make all the difference in the world. My financial coaching services go more in-depth and hone in on the subjects you are most concerned with.


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Companies and organizations are discovering that investing in their workforce by adding “lifestyle” assistance to their benefits package and training programs are yielding happier, more productive employees. I use everyday scenarios and interactive activities to move your team towards financial success.


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