How you pay your mortgage determines how much you save in interest.

If you’re planning to buy a house, determine how you want to pay ahead of time. Lenders are going to push the highest amount and the longest term or the latest and greatest “new” loan. We’re here for financial freedom not to be life long debtors.

Let’s look at your Credit Card’s fine print

Introductory credit card offers are a great way to get cash back and point bonuses but don’t forget to look at the fine print. Understanding the interest rate and fees when applying for a credit card can save you lots of money. Check out the course Everything Credit Cards. –

Considering buying a home

Buying your first home can be both exciting and scary. Partnering to share the knowledge.

Advice for Home Buyers

Live a financially conscious life by being aware of your spending. Spend less. Save more. Live Below Your Means

The impact your credit score has on credit card purchases.

When your left brain needs stimulation. Running the Numbers, ep. 1.

Most know having a high credit score can save you money, but have you thought about just how much?

What do designer items really cost?

Don’t just give your money away!

PROMO Understanding Credit course

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