21 Day Financial Detox


If you’ve found yourself settling into unwanted money habits like not saving enough or eating out too much, it’s time for a cleanse. Like a full body detox, a financial detox flushes out toxins and bad habits and replaces them with healthier options. This can range from paying less for services like insurance or utilities to getting organized.

With this daily guide, you will gain greater awareness around your money. Like the most effective detox programs, this one includes some mindset components.  Just a hint, enough to help increase your awareness and support you having long-term financial success.

Are you ready to rejuvenate and revitalize your finances?

  • Feel more confident about your decisions
  • Get organized
  • Reign in spending
  • Pay less interest and fees
  • Have the right services to meet your personal needs
  • Save money




Each day you will complete an activity. Tools and resources are provided.





  1. T. W. Lefebvre

    I love this book. It hadn’t even dawned on me how much my finances are impacted by my everyday decisions. Lana is my coach. This book is reflective of her style. To her, it is not just about mundane money stuff. She teaches you and you grow as a person. I love the look and feel of the book too. It’s very refreshing.

  2. Marc Powell

    This looks amazing! There are lots of things I never thought about. I can see why you need to do a financial detox. I’ll be using this book for a while.

  3. M. Rossier

    I haven’t finished but it’s helped me. My credit score wasn’t good when I bought my car. I didn’t know you could refinance cars. I emailed Mrs. Williams and she suggested it. I did it and got a lower car payment and interest rate. I opened a savings account with a different bank too. This has helped me a lot. I feel good.

  4. Danielle D.

    This was a good resource! I made it a point to read through it. It was very simple to read, easily digestible and I like the layout and the colors. It included 21 actionable steps that could be done right away.

  5. Teddi M.

    I really like this eBook. It’s not what I expected at all. You can use it for a long time. I recommend it for any adult who has accounts and bills.

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