What was your #1 financial issue?

Living paycheck to paycheck .

Living paycheck to paycheck. Financial coaching taught me to assess where I was spending money and realign with my values as to where I was going to focus and organize to reach my goals.

I had credit card debt with many creditors.

I had credit card debt with many creditors.  My credit cards have gone down and my credit score has greatly improved. Beforehand, I was trying the snowball method, which was effective as well, but your advice made a greater impact in helping me achieve my goal of paying off my debts.


Budgeting. Getting financial coaching changed my entire thinking on budgeting from a word that freaked me out to being proud to make one that works for me.

Has your relationship with money changed?

ABSOLUTELY! I see money as a tool now.

ABSOLUTELY! I see money as a tool now. I now understand I control my money, not the other way around. I see the freedom of removing debt! It’s so awesome! My newest goal is managing my credit utilization and its something I actually look forward to instead of avoiding even looking at my credit score. I have a positive perspective on my finances and have been able to build a support system of friends and family by sharing my journey with them.

Yes, my outlook has now turned to how do I prepare

Yes, my outlook has now turned to how do I prepare and align my behaviors to fit my financial goals. Planning out for future needs, wants and dreams has been extremely beneficial.

Yes, my outlook and relationship with money have changed vastly.

Yes, my outlook and relationship with money have changed vastly. Because I have hope and I see progress. I’m learning that I don’t need to collect junk and being more mindful of everything I buy.

Have you had any AHA moments?

By setting goals each month in the non-fixed expenses,

By setting goals each month in the non-fixed expenses, then understanding that if I don’t spend that goal amount, I save the difference and if I do that in several expenses I can use what I didn’t spend to put in my savings, or to help pay other bills

I saw a direct correlation between how I manage my money

I saw a direct correlation between how I manage my money and how I manage my weight.  If I set my monthly expense goals and track them and if I see that I have spent over the goals, then I will be in a deficit, if I spend the goal amount or less then I stay even or have some leftover. And if I spent over, then I’m able to readjust the next month.   If I have a set amount of calories I’m going to eat each day and if I track what I put in my mouth, if at the end of the day I have consumed more calories then I need to readjust for the next day.  If I consume the set number of calories or less then I’ll lose weight.  Managing my money and managing my weight is all about, knowing what exactly I’m doing and being able to make the necessary adjustments quickly when I see I’m off track

I always thought

I always thought the way for me to make my goal of million dollars would require me to work harder, get more clients, etc.  But now I understand that it’s a combination of having income, managing my money, and putting my money in instruments where my money makes money, and as long as I don’t touch that money that money will continue to grow.  Which then made me realize that’s why I have a separate spending account, an emergency account, six months savings account.  These are the accounts that I draw money from, so then I don’t have to dip into the other account where my money is in some type of instrument, and that allows that money to grow.

How do you feel now compared to before coaching?


    I gained way more than I anticipated. Lana was awesome and gave me a financial education and a workable plan to help jump start my financial future. I am now more mindful of my spending habits and building savings towards my values and goals.

    Coach Lana is someone that makes you feel in control and empowered around your finances. Her accountability strategy increases your motivation and focuses on sticking to your goals. The model focuses on what your values are was very important to me as a goal-oriented person and this proved to be extremely beneficial in my development. It is okay to fall down because Coach Lana will help you to understand the cause of the fall, but also how to get yourself up, brush yourself off, and get back to work.

    Lana, you are the best. If anyone needs a financial coach and more importantly a cheerleader…this woman has changed my life.

    Lana helped me realize my connection to my finances and how my finance behavior was fueled by more profound issues of survival and guilt. It was a painful realization, but Lana walked me through ways to cope and helped me celebrate my small but mighty money wins! Now I can better identify the “impulse buy” mindset and address those thoughts with more compassion, without spending money.

    I appreciate Coach Lana Williams with guiding me and putting me on the right track to save for my future. Retirement for me is right around the corner and I would like to be on solid financial ground before retiring. With Coach Williams guidance, I am headed toward a healthy financial future!

    Working with Lana has been an eye-opening journey. She not only taught me better money habits but to also align my money with my values.”

    Thank goodness for the savings challenge. It was the reason I was able to keep us afloat when I needed to. Lana has worked wonders with my money mind.”

    When I started working with Lana, I thought my finances were in good shape.  I used a budget to pay bills and to avoid late fees. I paid bills before buying non-essential items but I did not have a plan for the future.  After encouraging me to articulate my values and goals and evaluate how my spending aligned with my values and goals, I realized I was “off-balance”.  Lana created a detailed easy to follow plan to pay off my debt, encouraged me to write short-term and long-term goals, and provided creative ways to save and create more income. The key to your financial success with Lana depends upon you.  You have to be honest and commit to changing for the better!

    I am soooo encouraged by my financial plan and the credit card payoff strategy.  I like having a laid out plan.  Lana has given me hope. 

    While working with Lana I paid off a loan and paid a big chunk down on my credit cards.  I’m not even done and my credit score went up 75 points. 

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